A Master Degree in Fine Arts by the University of Barcelona.
After a few years of teaching and since 1985 Cristina has been exclusively dedicated to professional illustration. She works for many publishing companies, in Spain as well as in other European countries.
She regularly collaborates in newspapers and magazines, such as Cavall Fort and El Tatano.
In 1998 Cristina won the 2nd National Prize for Illustration, awarded by the Ministry of Culture, with the book “The Pied Piper of Hamelin” published by La Galera. In 2007 she was awarded the 1st Prize in the contest “Graphic Humour and Sport” sponsored by the Catalan Sports Foundation.
She has participated in several collective exhibitions and, individually, she has exhibited her work at the Sala Rovira in Barcelona in October 2007.
Some of the most relevant books she has illustrated are: “…i ara què ve?” [“… and now, what’s coming?”] (La Galera), “Els somnis de l’Aurèlia” [“Aurèlia’s Dreams”] (Cruïlla), “L’Aurèlia i el Robaombres” [“Aurèlia and the Shadows Thief”] (Cruïlla), “Les Granotes de la Rita” [“Rita’s Frogs”] (Cruïlla), “Ton i Guida” [“Hansel and Gretel”] (La Galera), “La platja” [“The Beach”] (La Galera), “La neu” [“The Snow”] (La Galera) and the adventures of Rita Pinyada in El Tatano.